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South Auckland Dryer Balls

South Auckland Dryer Balls

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Our South Auckland GBB Chapter is on a journey of raising funds and excited to be trying something new and fabulous! They've teamed up with Brolly Sheets, a local New Zealand family owned  and operated business to bring you a product that is useful, will save you time and money and importantly is environmentally friendly.

Dryer Balls – Good Balls worth a Yarn are a pack of 4 felted New Zealand wool balls
that you use in your dryer. Each pack is $30 and from this we profit $14/pack! That helps spread about 50 moments of sweetness!!

Orders will not be shipped directly. The South Auckland Chapter committee will contact you to arrange a pickup time & location.
Contact them for more information:

Here is how they work:
You pop all 4 balls into your dryer with a wet load of washing and then they work
their magic:

  • Dryer Balls move around allowing the warm air to circulate in the dryer and dry
  • faster. Expect to save 30-50% drying time
  • Dryer Balls stop wet clothes (especially sheets and towels) clumping together
  • and getting tangled
  • Made from NZ Wool, the wool absorbs the moisture and shortens the drying time.
  • Add a couple drops of essential oils and have your load smelling like roses!
  • When the load is finished, take the dry clothes out and just leave the balls in
  • the dryer with the door open
  • With Dryer Balls you no longer need fabric softeners and you’ll get no static either.
  • Dryer Balls last for over 1500 washes


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